I am an IT professional living in London UK. I love all arts, but photography has a special place in my heart. A long while ago I was part of this amazing new online community, deviantArt, which is still thriving. My profile on this platform is still available for viewing, although I no longer actively contribute, and is the best place for showcasing my work.


Street Photography

This is my favourite kind of photography. I love the natural feel to a frozen moment in time, especially in a busy city such as London.


Similar to portraits, this stype of photography also requires a lot of patience and preparation, which I don't think I have!


I do love portrait photography but it is not something I am good at. I just don't think I have the patience required to prepare and setup for this style.


Another favourite of mine. Just snapping away during family gatherings, weddings, or any other occasion, I find capturing people enjoying themselves and interactiong with each other very intriguing.

here I am standing in the courtyard of my dreams, in a world so big like a child so small, I can't hear my own screams does anyone care at all? I will break away before it's too late, in the name of freedom I will crash and burn, my destiny, my own fate a journey, no return...
— Hakan Altınışık, 2004


From small things, big things one day come...

I wrote this little poem to go with this picture I took back in 2004. The little chap in the photo is my elder son, who was 3 years old at the time.

I think it is interesting that as I watch my children grow into adults, these words become more and more meaningful to me.

We live our lives looking for a purpose, often not knowing if we will ever find it. I believe that purpose is already with us. It is just to live and to live well. Respect life and all within it, and the rest will sort itself out.

The Great Escape